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Affairs of State, established in 1993, is an independent Australian public affairs and strategic advice consulting service. Affairs of State specialises in business outcomes, government relations, media communications, issue management, business direction and organisational coaching and development.

Affairs of State provides a suite of professional and strategic solutions to business, government, industry associations and NFPs in Australia and abroad.

With current, 2020-2021, successful crisis and recovery leadership experience Affairs of State has the experience to help develop, implement and review critical decisions in the public and the private sector. 

We facilitate BETTER connections between the Public and Private sectors

We help with HOW you do WHAT you do

Affairs of State offers current state leadership advice for public and private sector Leadership

Organisations, public and private sector, usually face uncertainties of varying consequence, but in times of crisis, uncertainty has reached extreme levels good and bad.

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that increasing adaptability skills is critical during these periods of transformation, rapid change and volatility. Affairs of State strongly advises any organisation to look at adaptability as a critical success factor. Leaders can invest in developing adaptation skills to prepare for a fast-paced and uncertain future. Adaptation is needed to recover, to rebuild, to simply respond and create resilience. 

Adaptation is also needed to retain, develop and further realise benefit from growth levels attained much quicker than expected through changed behaviours brought on through the pandemic period.

Today, tomorrow is adaptation skill development needed in your organisational leadership to optimise recovery, to plan ahead, to retain gains? Should you operate different to before in a much changed world?

Affairs of State experience can help you make better decisions, we can up-skill your leadership teams.

Where will your markets be in six months, in two years?

Are your strategies in place, are they right, is your risk profile current? Do you have the right skills in a market where work is chasing people?


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