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SFIA - Digital Professional Development

The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) is a global standard that provides individuals and organisations a common language to define skills and experience across the digital profession. It does this by mapping digital capability and skill level across 110 skills and six professional categories. Strategic Executive is a SFIA Accredited Partner, licensed to perform skills and role assessments, and award certifications and credentials through our SFIA-Accredited Assessors and Consultants.


Enhanced Workpace Activities

All these necessary workplace activities can be enhanced by the targeted and structured application of the SFIA framework. Doing so will lead to improvement in employer and employee outcomes over time.

SFIA can be applied to support the full range of workforce management and development activities in your organisation, including:

  • Strategic Workforce Planning;
  • Role Design and Description;
  • Targeted Recruitment;
  • Performance Assessment, and Management;
  • Learning and Development.
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Our Service Offering

We have accredited SFIA consultants who, along with an accredited testing partner, can provide a range of services to clients and candidates.

SFIA Skill Tool Applications

SFIA Accredited Consultants

Standardised Job Descriptions

Standardised Approach Across Government and Industry

Candidate Profile

Improved ICT Recruitment

Clear Levelled ICT Skills Across the Organisations

Targeted Training for Specific Skill Gaps

Performance Development of Staff

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can use SFIA to improve your business outcomes.

Validate Skills

ARIS•ZINC is the exclusive Australian provider of the Validate Skills IT Skills Appraisals (ITSA) tool to deliver SFIA assessment and consultancy services in Australia.