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The ability to access, understand and use language data is critical to the success of a business. Many companies look to AI technologies like natural language processing and natural language understanding (NLP\NLU) to drive their digital transformation, become more data driven, and reduce the costs of their language-intensive processes.
Through our unique partnership collaboration with Raedan, ThynkDigital.ai is powered by Expert.ai.
The Enterprise AI Platform for Natural Language

Success depends on a proven AI approach that provides business value quickly, along with a strategic and repeatable way to leverage the massive amounts of unstructured text data like complex documents (e.g., contracts, emails, reports, etc.) to social media messages and customer feedback available to teams. The expert.ai Platform provides a repeatable, powerful and cost-effective approach to powering AI-enabled language solutions.

Expert.ai provides Teams with:
  • A repeatable and fast way to accelerate natural language projects within verticals by combining customizable and ready-to-go domain and business concept models with easy-to-use workflows.
  • An efficient way to empower expert and citizen data scientists to experiment easily, apply business expertise and be computationally sustainable.
  • An explainable and accurate way to flexibly combine large language models (LLMs), symbolic, and machine learning AI approaches that solve real-world problems with the highest degree of accuracy

Open Platform that delivers Fast Time to Market

Expert.ai shortens time to deployment via its open platform approach with integrated natural language workflows. The open platform approach makes it quick and easy to build language applications leveraging technologies across the NLP ecosystem.


Key integrations include:

  • Internal knowledge models (Sentiment, ESG, Life Sciences, etc.)
  • External knowledge sources (Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) like MeSH, ICD9 and ICD10, WAND Inc., etc.)
  • Large language models (GPT, BERT, spaCy, etc.)
    Process automation vendors (Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere and UiPath)
  • Third party software providers (Qlik, AnyClip, AppTek and Boomi)

Hybrid AI Approach

Solving real world NLP problems successfully requires human intelligence, domain and process knowledge, and general knowledge. Expert.ai  empowers you to bring the best of each of these ingredients to solve your language challenges.


Including a rich, domain-independent representation of knowledge (knowledge graph), the expert.ai technology platform integrates the best of natural language understanding (NLU) using hybrid AI, combining machine learning (ML), symbolic/rules-based AI and large language models (LLMs) to intelligently automate business processes and harvest relevant knowledge and critical insights from all the text data available in your organization.

The Expert.ai Platform allows teams to explicitly embed enterprise knowledge process insight into your solution. This allows subject matter experts to stay in the loop and contribute critical domain-specific knowledge for complex processes, improving overall accuracy and enriching enterprise-specific knowledge graph that can be reused for future projects.

Responsible AI

Expert.ai builds transparent, sustainable and human-centered technology that works efficiently and reliably. We call our industry-leading commitment to building responsible AI the “Green Glass Approach.”


Expert.ai qualifies as an explainable or transparent AI platform because the performance of its algorithms can be trusted and easily understood by humans.

Unlike black-box AI, you know exactly how Expert.ai arrives at a decision and can see the logic behind its reasoning and results. This is a major advantage because by knowing how AI works and why it determines particular outputs, you can incrementally refine it and make sure the actions are aligned to your intended objectives.


How can ThynkDigital.ai help you use the Power of Language to Solve Business Problems?